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Cost  Of  A  Land  Survey

The cost of a land survey depends on many things, including the type of survey needed and the method used. Some variables which affect the cost of a land survey are:

  • *       Required accuracy and purpose for the survey.

  •            How old the property is.  Is it in a subdivision?

  • *       Complexity of deeds; the number of parcels that need to be researched in legal records and encompassed by field surveys, many times complicated by vague, incomplete, and often contradictory legal descriptions. Deeds for abutting lands must be researched and unrecorded deeds and agreements must be resolved. 

  • *       Size and Shape; an irregular shaped lot has more corners and a longer boundary to establish than a square shaped lot containing the same area. 

  • *       Terrain and Accessibility; a flat field is easier to survey than a mountain. Vegetation and swamps complicate the survey procedures. 

  • *       Field evidence; the existence of iron pins, stone corners, fences, designated trees, etc. aid the surveyor and their absence compound difficulties. Uncooperative neighbors can slow things down.

  • *       Time of year; summer foliage restricts sighting distances whereas deep winter snows slow travel and conceals field evidence.

Each survey is unique preventing me from having generic pricing.  Please contact me to go over your needs and I will get you an estimate as soon as possible.


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